Welcome to Austere Software Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

Our goal:

is to provide top quality and cost effective software solutions to the clients, with a very high level of customer satisfaction by helping you benefit as much as possible from today's latest technologies.

Our mission:

Not only to assist in IT Solutions, but to build a strong rapport with our customers and act as a true partner in their business success. We continuously endeavor to build strong partnerships with our customers to align technology strategy with their business goals.

Austere helps Small and Midsize Businesses Get the Big Picture with SAP® Business One.


When all your critical business operations are working together effectively, your business is focused and moving full steam ahead. The SAP Business One application truly integrates customer and vendor management -- including sales, finance, manufacturing, Web-based access, robust e-commerce, campaign and prospect management, and inventory -- so that everyone in your company is on the same page and you have a clear, 360-degree view of your business. Because it’s from SAP, you know you can count on SAP Business One as you become a pacesetter for growth.

SAP Business One is ideal for






Light manufacturing, complex manufacturing. Read more.

Low volume, high volume distribution. Electronic component procurement and liquidation distribution. Read more
Service Providers Pharma
Service Medical
Built in Customer Relationship Management, Outlook integration, knowledge base. Read more. Lot and serial control, Quality, Alerts, Workflow.Read more.

Project Management

Real Estate

Service Medical

Project management, tasks, sub-projects, ETC, EAC, Gantt charts, scheduling. Read more.

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