Surveyor 2.0 Overview & Features

Surveyor 2.0


A complete solution for General Insurance Surveyors



Surveyor 2.0 is a complete solution for Insurance Surveyors. It's the best software tool for Insurance Surveyors.
Claim settlement is the most important and complicated function in the Insurance Companies. It is also the most difficult part of an Insurance Policy. It involves the buyers, Insurance Provider and Surveyors. Traditional Insurance requires the buyer to substantiate the claim with adequate proof of damage. All the aspects of claim are then investigated and verified by insurance provider through surveyors. Hence the report rendered by the surveyor becomes an important factor to extend speedy and accurate claim settlements. The following features enable the surveyor to meet the present day's challenge.



The program provides, easy data entry screen one by one.


Guides the surveyor through a constructive, easy-guided one by one screen containing various aspects to be considered depending upon what is being surveyed during a survey report.


Automatically calculates the loss assessment basing on the various requirements of Insurance Companies.


Enables the surveyors to encapsulate the required documents needed for enclosing to his report.


Automatically generates his bills for services rendered to Insurance Company.


Maintains his records for 3 years period, which is an IRDA requirement.
Automatically generates the annual reports required to be filled in by surveyors as per the new IRDA regulations.


Facilitates sending report by e-mail.


Provides the surveyor with information in the form of a library.