Graphics Design

Graphics Design



A team of highly creative, ingenious and nifty state-of-art web designers forms the core of Austere's Graphics and Web Designing team. High proficiency in the latest technologies with a poised bit of innovative imagination helps this team create marvels.


Our Web Designing team designs and develops pages/applications that impress and illuminate the readers. We follow the basics of web design - Keep it simple and Think small, Use graphics that fit the content, Stick with standard layouts, Ease of navigation and Consistency.


We follow a user-centered design approach and believe that careful planning and a clear purpose are the keys to success in building web sites. The Web Designing team at Austere follows a systematic procedure - Planning, interface Design, Site Design, Page Design, Typography, Graphics and Multimedia.


We have good experience in developing a full range of internet and intranet sites and mainly focus on …

Web application development
interactive web design
Ecommerce web design - Shopping Cart Systems
Portal sites
Corporate intranet Applications