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SchoolCanvas is next generation online school management software to support school management and school teachers to reach next level of maturity.It's a comprehensive tool to support the schools in both the management and academics. It has built in support for all curriculums like CBSE, ICSE, State or autonomous syllabus. SchoolCanvas is designed to help you in managing multiple schools / school chains, where schools are distributed geographically. It provides ultimate and  intutitive decision support system to administer multiple schools with great ease.You can customise the software to meet your needs, it facilitates you to upload school logo and school caption. In addition to automating academics, SchoolCanvas automates entire school communications, which encompasses inter branch communications.


SchoolCanvas is a highly secure platform with inate support to right data to right person at right tie, by allowing you to define multiple roles and facilitates multi-dimensional privilege management. Using this platform, administrator can define right feature set access to right person.



Single / Multipe Schools Management.


Student data management .


Fee Management.


Attendance management.


School Process Management.


Scholastic Management.


CCE Support.


SMS facility.


Communication System.


Decision Support System.


Support for all curriculums.


Many More...