Easy Broker Overview & Features

Easy Broker 1.0


A complete solution for General Insurance Brokers



Easy Broker is a world-class insurance broking support system designed to provide solutions to complete range of general insurance broking activities. It is a powerful tool designed to improve efficiency in all respects and aspects relating to your business as an insurance broker.


It enables you to provide high level of service to clients through its speed, accuracy and flexibility.



Developed for Indian Market as per IRDA regulations.


Developed on the windows platform and extensively tested.


Totally web enabled. Provides easy accessibility from anywhere. Secure access and tracking.


Multiple user and branch operations.


Easy to capture, analyse and review data.


Manages client’s multiple insurance requirements.


Inter linking of broking activities, commissions and statutory records for better management of resources.


Making assessment, evaluation and review of employees & branch performance an easy task.