Solution in Detail

SAP Business One - Solution in Detail


SAP Business One offers a robust base system with powerful core functionality including CRM, manufacturing, and finance capabilities. The solution includes primary work processes as well as country-specific localizations such as legal, currency, and financial requirements for use in any country.



SAP Business One brings you powerful capabilities in 12 key functional areas:


Sales opportunities
Sales—accounts receivable
Purchasing—accounts payable
Business partners
Service management
Material-requirements planning (MRP)
Human resources


The SAP Business One application resides on a single server that integrates seamlessly with your Microsoft Windows network. Using a Win32-based, 2-tier, client-server architecture, SAP Business One secures peak performance and leverages your existing network for maximum efficiency. It includes security, backup, and network access protocols. Access is granted via wide area network (WAN) terminal services or dial-up network connectivity.


In the SAP Business One environment, you can utilize standard database backup procedures, easily saving and transferring the database to another machine and providing immediate access to critical business information. The streamlined SAP Business One architecture supports Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2 Universal Database Express Edition.


To learn more about how to leverage the power of a single solution, take a look at the SAP Business One brochure. This information will provide more detail on the SAP Business One application,including key functions and configurations.

The Power of a Single Application


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