SAP Business One

SAP Business One for Distribution


SAP Business One is the ideal solution for companies with light and heavy distribution requirements.


Manage thousands of items


Configure kits and product groupings


B2B, C2C Ecommerce Integration


Powerful Inventory and Warehouse Management


Unlimited Price and Discount groupings


Shipping and Transportation Management


Ability to track containers


Supply Chain Management


Built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Why SAP Business One for Electronic Component Procurement and Distribution?


As a wholesale distributor or a manufacturer / reseller distributing value added products, you face unrelenting competitive pressure to keep prices low and increase supply, which means that you have to constantly look for ways to improve margins and grow revenue. This demands greater focus on reducing operating expenses and cutting costs throughout the order-to-cash process. You need to manage inventory more efficiently and integrate yourself more tightly with your customers and suppliers.


SAP Business One Helps Signwriters Supplies Control Inventory and Maintain Growth.


Specialist materials wholesaler Signwriters Supplies provides commercial materials to the sign and display industry throughout New Zealand. Established in 1982, the company specialises in sourcing and supplying everything from adhesive graphic vinyls and boards to paints, brushes, and accessories to commercial sign writers across the country.


Besides running your core business functions such as sales and financials, SAP Business One can help you:


Optimize inventory management – Track inventory levels and stock movements in real time to minimize "stock-out" situations, increase goods availability, and reduce inventory-carrying costs; also manage price lists, special pricing, and quotes.


Anticipate customer demand – Provide full past-transaction data, so you can analyze customer buying behavior to predict demand more accurately and balance inventory levels accordingly.


Streamline the order-to-cash process – Automate key processes to improve efficiency across the order-to-cash cycle, including order creation, stock-level updates, delivery, invoicing, and accounts receivable.


Tighten partner integration – Provide online self-service capabilities for customers and suppliers, so they can view inventory availability, the status of orders and deliveries, and billing information.


Advanced WMS (Warehouse Management) Designed specifically for distribution companies, the Advanced WMS solution can fit the logistic needs of any small or midsize warehouse operation.


From receiving and kitting to shipping and customer service, the solution can help you manage your businesses processes more efficiently.


With Advanced WMS, you will be able to:


Ensure that the right customers get the right product with advanced stock allocation functionalities


Rely on real-time, accurate inventory through integrated mobile computing, bar coding and RFID

Manage batch traceability and product recalls by having the ability to track product attributes


Facilitate flexible stock rotation based on rules you configure


Provide accurate carton tracking for invoicing based on efficient electronic data interchange (EDI)


Enable carton splitting for more efficient picking


Automate warehouse processes integrating equipment, including scales, cubing machines, and conveyor belts


Much more...